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Extra-Curricular Activities

We firmly believe that learning and growth at Canadian International School of Hong Kong must not be limited to what occurs within the classroom walls. Instead, the power of discovery and personal development often comes to each child through a diversity of opportunities to explore unique interests and passions, thus fostering a unique journey of personal growth and development specific to each child.

house system

CDNIS divides its students and staff into four Houses, namely Bear, Raven, Orca and Mountain Lion, to promote a sense of community, spirit, and well-being. Each student is assigned to a House upon enrollment and remains a member of that House throughout their time at the school. The Houses compete against each other in various events throughout the year, including sports, friendly competitions, and community service projects. This House System provides students with a sense of belonging, encourages them to contribute to their House and the wider school community, and helps to build school spirit and a positive school culture. Students are encouraged to get involved throughout the school year, develop their leadership skills, make new friends and create lifelong memories at CDNIS.

Lower School

Our goal is to make a number of extra-curricular and after school activities, including interest clubs, performance activities, and the Timberwolves sports programme available to all students. These opportunities include but are not limited to the Junior Choir, Chinese Dance Team, the environmental club SEED and the Lower School Student Council. Students may join our Timberwolves sports teams once they enter Grade 4.

Upper School

There is an extensive extra-curricular programme of more than 70 activities to meet the diverse interests of our Upper School students. This includes an inter-school sports programme, an array of performing arts opportunities, school clubs and a full complement of intramural and recreational activities. In addition, students are assigned to one of four intramural houses, which engage in spirit events.