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The purpose of Language Acquisition is to build communication skills and promote international mindedness, while providing a deeper understanding of a student’s first language. Language Acquisition courses promote cognitive development and open-mindedness, thus allowing students to explore different cultures and languages. By learning Spanish as a Language Acquisition course, students gain the ability to communicate with a diverse population and open themselves to a world of new possibilities.

Learning multiple languages fosters brain development, as new languages require the brain to constantly adapt and create new pathways. Learning a foreign language helps a student to understand their first language better. When studying Spanish (and other languages), students have the opportunity to compare and contrast it with their dominant language. This occurs as they build understanding, knowledge, and literacy skills by practising speaking, listening, reading and writing. 

At CDNIS, Spanish language is available as an option in grades 11 and 12. Students at CDNIS study both English and an additional language throughout their high school years.

Spanish Curriculum

Diploma Programme; Grade 11-12  

It is a requirement of the programme that students study at least one subject from the Language Acquisition group.