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Chinese Language and Culture

Our Chinese Studies Department stands as one of the finest among English language schools in Hong Kong. The programme aims to provide an education in both oral and written Chinese (Mandarin) and is promoted as an additional language for all students. With a large teaching staff, we are able to offer support across all levels from near-native to beginners, recognizing the diverse linguistic backgrounds and experiences of all students at CDNIS.

We believe our two-stream approach is the best way to accommodate our range of learners. The Language B Mandarin Stream is for emergent and capable communicators and includes Mandarin Foundation Level and Mandarin Standard Level. The Language A Stream is for those proficient or who are native-like communicators and includes Mandarin Higher Level and Mandarin Language A Level. Both streams offer Mandarin as an additional language, and neither are a bilingual programme. Placement into either stream is based on each students' abilities and their level of language exposure at home.

An appreciation of Chinese culture is also instilled in students through an abundance of activities offered through the after-school Chinese Culture Academy, various cultural exchange opportunities and our annual Lunar New Year festivities. There are also a number of optional language exchanges to various locations in China that students can participate in during school breaks.