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Joy of LEarning at CDNIS

OUR Definition of High Quality Teaching and Learning

Learning at CDNIS occurs through a process of student inquiry. Students inquire into student and teacher-posed questions, and engage in building knowledge and skills. Students connect concepts to form deep understanding and apply their learning in relevant and meaningful contexts. Students create ways to transfer their understanding to new contexts. Students take action in caring for themselves, other people and the planet.

Teachers are proactive in how they plan to teach the curriculum to the students in their class, selecting effective and innovative approaches, tools and technologies. Teachers are responsive to the individual social, emotional, and academic needs of their students. Teachers honour the diversity of capabilities, interests and experiences among their students to make the learning accessible with the right amount of challenge.

CDNIS is a safe place where individuals are respected and diversity is celebrated. CDNIS fosters growth through a belief that capabilities and performance are not fixed, and can be developed. At CDNIS, students learn in a highly collaborative environment where they have agency and take ownership of their learning.


Student Learning Process

Students and teachers pose questions that prompt students to reflect and take action. Student-centered learning begins with curiosity.

Students access prior learning. New knowledge and skills are established, retrieved. and deliberately practiced.

Students connect big ideas through exploring the relationships between concepts in order to develop deep enduring understanding.

Students apply knowledge, understanding, and skills to situations, issues and opportunities. This provides the purpose and relevance of learning. 

Students access transfer learning to new situations, and take principled action. They develop innovative ideas; design products, performances and solutions; and make a meaningful, positive impact.

Approach to Learning

Teachers know their students and the curriculum well. They anticipate the needs of their students and make plans to use effective and innovative approaches, tools and technologies to guide and support students in their achievement of the curriculum.

Teachers are aware of and respond to the social, emotional, and academic needs of students. Teachers use the results of observations and assessments to understand each student's journey and guide them with the experiences they need to further their learning.

Teachers design lessons in a way that honours the diversity of capabilities, interests and experiences among their students, and ensure that each student has an entry point into the learning the expectations of the curriculum, with the right amount of challenge.



Our CDNIS community is a safe place that supports risk-taking and well-being through promoting shared values and mutual respect.

Our CDNIS community respects all individuals and we celebrate our diversity. Unique identity in honoured and a sense of belonging is cultivated. 

Our CDNIS community believes that capabilities and performance are not fixed but can be influenced and developed by facing challenges with the effort, trying new strategies, and being resilient.  

Our CDNIS community understands that learning involves interacting, respecting differences, and co-constructing understanding. Students learn with and from one another, parents and teachers.

Our CDNIS community values opportunities for students to choose what they learn, how the learn, and how they demonstrate their learning. Students take ownership of their learning, articulate their understanding, and voice their perspectives.