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Bilingual & International Tracks

The International and Bilingual Tracks at Canadian International School of Hong Kong offer our youngest learners the opportunity to grow academically and socially in an intercultural community. Optimizing a child's natural curiosity, our dual-language tracks will help guide your child’s language and cultural fluency in a nurturing but rigorous learning environment.

Starting in Early Years 1, your child will experience the best of Eastern and Western traditions as they develop their love of languages and cultures. Whether you are looking to enrol your child in our Bilingual Track or our International Track, both provide a cross-cultural learning experience that teaches young learners to care deeply for the world around them.

To learn more about our dual-language programmes, please review our Early Years brochure, watch this Parent Presentation and review our FAQs. Online applications are being accepted now until Sunday, October 2, 2022 for students wishing to join our Early Years International or Bilingual Programmes for the 2023/2024 school year.

香港加拿大國際學校的雙語軌道課程將給我校幼稚園學生, 在一個多元文化的環境中提供一個學術和社交技能提升的平台。基於孩子天然的好奇心,在一個關愛而嚴謹的氛圍下,雙語軌道課程會引導學生們兩種語言和兩種文化認知的發展。


如果您想知道更多關於我們的雙語軌道課程信息,請瀏覽幼稚園宣傳冊,觀看家長信息會視頻和查看“常見問題”。如果您的孩子想申請2023/2024學年的幼稚園雙語或國際軌道課程,請登入“入學申請鏈結”, 截止日期從現在開始到2022年10月。

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