Higher Education Fair


Higher Education Fair

Choosing the right university to pursue tertiary education can be a long and stressful decision for students and parents alike. Course content, overall academic reputation, and graduate employment rates are just some of the factors that go into our decision-making, but with ever-increasing competition between higher education institutions and a limited number of applications available to each student, making the right decision has never been more important.

To help facilitate this, Canadian International School of Hong Kong’s Guidance Department, which provides ongoing support to students as soon as they begin contemplating their post-secondary options, will once again be hosting its annual global university fair this year.

Well regarded as one of the most comprehensive fairs in Hong Kong, the CDNIS Higher Education Fair will play host to over 70 institutions attending from across the globe.

The CDNIS Higher Education Fair will be held on Friday, March 15 from 3pm-5pm on campus. Attendees will include CDNIS students and parents, as well as those from neighboring schools.

Contact Upper School Guidance Office at guidance@cdnis.edu.hk for more details.